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Opening the Heart Group Session

Have you been feeling stuck or blocked in your heart? Are you carrying old wounds and painful losses packed away inside?
You are not alone! There are ways to change it ♥
Would you like to get together with a group of people and shift the energy of your life? Lets get this done with lots of grace and kindness ♥
We will do a one hour process to identify & shift our resonance (releasing old frequencies) & then clear up our space with the synergy of the group. =)

This group session is an opportunity to change. Gently identify and release what has been painful and embrace new frequencies. Join us in Salt Lake, on the phone that evening, or register to be included by proxy. Let the group intention support you in the space of opening your heart to more love, more life, more health, & more joy

$25 at the door or with
Please RSVP by messaging Katherine Hacking