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Carelyn Brazelton

Carelyn Brazelton is a psychic, medium, channeler, healer, and intuitive. She uses her gifts to connect with your guides, guardians, and angels to help you through whatever is currently causing road blocks, contention, or stress in your life. She specializes in helping you navigate these difficult waters by offering humor, wit, and compassion.

Carelyn is often called an old soul and connects easily with querents of all ages. She has been connecting to spirit since before she can remember, reading tarot since she was 15 years old, and began reading professionally when she was 19. She has spent three seasons at Lily Dale, honing her mediumship with John Holland, learning about manifesting miracles through art, developing control for empaths, learning Psychometry, and much more. Her thirst for knowledge in all areas of life has led her to search for more information in almost every area of metaphysics and loves having animated conversations about the Universe at large, Source, Astrology, and our place in all of it.

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Jennafer Martin

Jennafer Martin is an experienced intuitive who specializes in

*giving you guidance about your life through tarot/oracle card readings, 

*helping you understand your soul's journey and purpose through past life and spirit guide readings and

*giving you insights to better understand your companion animals' feelings and thoughts through pet psychic readings.

She delivers messages with warmth and humor to help you get the answers you seek, coaches for intuitive development and she teaches a variety of classes on intuition, energy management and protection and more. A lifelong empath, Jennafer is also a certified Reiki practitioner and non-denominational ordained minister with experience in a variety of practices, traditions and modalities. She loves helping people and their pets! Find out more about her at

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Donna Mirabile

Donna Mirabile is a highly empathic Reiki Master Teacher.  She teaches classes in all levels of Holy Fire II Reiki, including Usui and Karuna Reiki.  She also offers Holy Fire Reiki sessions to those wishing to experience crystal and Holy Fire Reiki energy work.  Other sessions include chakra clearing using crystals, drumming and Reiki; Reiki and the Archangels sessions (where the Archangels are called in to help with energy work); and  intuitive oracle card readings.

Donna also teaches other classes, including Archangels in Your Daily Life; Crystal Grids and Prayer; and a Basic Crystals class.


Usui Reiki Level 1:  June 2009

Usui Reiki Level 2:  August 2009

Usui Reiki ART Level:  November, 2009

Usui Reiki Master:  February, 2010

Karuna Reiki Master:  May, 2010

Reiki with the Archangels:  April, 2010

Reiki Crystal Healing Fundamentals:  November, 2011

Reiki Crystal Healing Intermediate:  April, 2012

Chakra Drumming:  August 2016

Master Key Master Level Initiation:  November 2016

Holy Fire Reiki Master:  November 2016

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master:  June 2017